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Glen Dubh waterfall near Sutherland's Grove, Barcaldine, Argyll. Sep2020
Summer rock colours
Summer rock colours

A composite image of the inside of Ardchattan Kirk, made from nine images stitched together. The church closed in early 2019. This picture was made at Harvest Festival time.

More about Ardchattan Church of Scotland

Winter scene down a mountainside in Glencoe
Winter scene down a mountainside in Glencoe

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Face by Steve
"Face" by Steve.
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Steve Eccles, pictured Jan 2022

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About sepictures

I have been a lifelong photographer starting as a lad using black-and-white film in a 127-size camera from Woolworths progressing up to SLR cameras and selling my first image (which appeared on the front page of a UK newspaper) at the age of 14. I continued learning to print in black-and-white then colour, joining the Oban camera club and later being President for several years then on into the digital age. Today my interests have expanded into video and latterly the more painterly side of art using an easel and brushes. Currently studying drawing and painting.
You might like to watch the film “Ben” which includes me photographing on and around Britain’s highest mountain Ben Nevis 

Steve Eccles on Ben Lora

Steve on Ben Lora, Benderloch

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Wander around any commercial art gallery and you’ll see people looking at pictures. You’ll also notice people avoiding making eye contact with any of the gallery staff for fear they may be invited to discuss a painting which, horror of horrors, could lead to a sale. But surely the primary purpose of a gallery is …


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