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Books by Steevees

Cat book cover
Front cover

SteeveeS Cat Ephemera

Designed to be cut up!
A collection of line art, words and badges.
Plus mottos, signs, labels note pages and drawings to add to your scrapbook.
Fussy cut out for journal illustration, collage, decoupage and card making.

Steevees book of cat ephemera is 8.5 x11 inches (21.59 x 27.94 cm) and ready for you to cut out and embellish your craftwork. 70 pages of premium paper with 120+ elements printed on the front sides and a variety of patterns on the back.
To see inside and to buy the book visit Steevees on Amazon

Expressing your gratitude for people and experiences in your life is being seen as beneficial to your mental health. By keeping a daily journal we may come to a more contented way of life.
Each of the thirty one days has a suggested topic to consider. You’ll be invited to note your thoughts and feelings on topics varying from your taste in music and what fun things you enjoy doing, through to the people you know and love and even the books and magazines you read.

Every day has a photograph of a scene from around the Scottish West Highlands. Looking at the image for a short period before you start writing the day’s entry may help focus your mind on the task, and reviewing the scene later may help you recall the gratitude you felt on that day.

There’s also space to doodle or draw a picture. This could be a sketch of a place, person or action from the day. If you have the inclination maybe a small painting or a stamp from a crafting kit. Or you could paste in a small photo of your own. You may even want to draw to relieve frustration.

To see inside and to buy the book visit Steevees on Amazon